Designer Denim Never Felt So Good

Denim has long been an American tradition stemming back to the days of Levis Strauss. But today’s denim is diverse and fashion centric as it has ever been. As style staples for any wardrobe, denim, especially designer jeans, have worn their way into the hearts of men and women alike, winning the role of favorite fabric. From designer labels such as Antik Denim, True Religion, Frankie B, Taverniti, Monarchy and Pure Venom you can find the right look from glam to goth, embellished stitching to rhinestone coated.

If you’re looking to clad your close ones in this seasons hottest fashions, you’re guaranteed a seal of approval with a pair of designer jeans. Depending on the attitude and style of your recipient in mind, you can narrow down your choices to those that best fit their personality. For example, music lovers are very much in tune with the threads of True Religion as this line is musically inspired bringing quality and attention to detail including hand-sanded washes. These are also a favorite among celebrities, just take a look at the company’s website for a never ending list of True Religion donned celebutants.

Whatever the flavor or fashion sense, the common thread amongst all high-end denim brands is the refined quality fabrics and the flattering fit the provide us. Many of the today’s top brands use Italian or Japanese fabrics, giving them that super soft, sleek and sexy feel. I’m not sure what it is about jeans that shape a woman’s body they way they do, but nothing says contour and definition like a quality pair of designer jeans.

Lifting, shaping, contouring, flattening or slenderizing, jeans just seem to be that comfort form that we gravitate towards. Designer jeans range in style, price and celebrity approval as widely as the shapes they are designed to fit. From skinny to flared, trends have a large influence on our lifestyle preferences and choice of plus size denim dress. Jeans are no longer just the rough and tough pants worn for a hard days work. Paired with a classy blazer, a sexy tank or a soft t-shirt, our jeans truly are the compass of our daily attire.

In the fast paced mode of life, our desire for comfortable fashion demands for the fit, form and physique of designer denim. Skinny jeans work well on narrow frames and petite statures as they can elongate the line from rise to toe. If you’re on the curvier side of life, you can go with straight leg jeans giving a slimmer appearance and providing enough room from curve to curve, or you can let loose with a little flare that draws the eye down and out and away from our less attractive assets. In contrast, some women love how they can accentuate their derrieres putting all the focus and form to creating that apple bottom spice. Fit, contour, shape and form, jeans just have that unique ability to look good either dressed up or down, identifying and promoting all shapes, sizes, styles and personalities.

For men, designer denim is just as pleasing on the eye. Nothing is sexier than a pair of Diesel jeans with a white t-shirt. With the crisp, dark washes, straight legs and bun hugging form, guys look just as good in these as anything else. Slick and edgy, giving a sense of refined premium denim, designer jeans are one commodity that is worth the extra expense. They not only connect all ends of our wardrobe and span from season to season, but they truly help shape our bodies as well as our individual character traits.

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